Mar 31, 2012

Oak & Fell bikeway proposal unveiled

Today the SF MTA presented a proposal for improvements on Oak and Fell, including bikeways (see previous post). Although the plan does not modify Panhandle pathways, transitions to and from the park could be much improved. Neighborhood concerns about parking removal have led to proposals for angled, head-out (rear-in?) parking on several blocks, including Baker Street from Oak to Fell. The angled parking is proposed for the west side of Baker, directly on the front end of the Panhandle Park, to keep the flow of traffic from the adjacent blocks of Baker in alignment.

Baker at Oak (the upper left is the Panhandle Park). Proposed angled parking appears upper left. Proposed bulbouts would shorten crossing distances. Proposed bikeway appears lower right on south side of Oak. 

Additional blocks of Baker Street (up to Haight St) would also get angled parking on the west side. Baker Street north of the Panhandle already has perpendicular parking to maximize spaces.

Proposed angled parking appeared in orange. 

My concern is that angled parking on Baker Street would make the entrance to the Panhandle less attractive, from the vantage point of anyone traveling along Baker St or approaching from the east. The proposal also represents a missed opportunity; while making this change and the proposed bulbouts, we should also make a coordinated effort to address the overall neglect of the park's eastern edge. The lack of attention to detail (especially on the walkway) makes visits to the edge of the Panhandle utterly unremarkable. 

Walkway on the Panhandle's eastern edge. Asphalt, cement, asphalt, cement.

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  1. Is someone "traveling along Baker" or from the East on Fell (presumably in a car) really "visiting" the edge of the Panhandle?