Aug 13, 2017

August workday at the Panhandle

It was a cold Saturday morning, and as we walked through the Panhandle we could hear heavy drops of condensed fog falling from the tall trees. But there was work to do! A large eucalyptus branch had fallen near the south path. In the mound full of perennials, Bermuda Grass was sending its ropy underground shoots through and around our plantings. Weedy annual grasses had infiltrated the rain garden. Thousands of leaves and passels of bark strips lay scattered across the meadows. And the stumps of dead trees stuck up from the turf, like unfinished business. Was there any way for us to accomplish all of the work? Fortunately, our regular volunteers were in attendance, and our numbers were bolstered by the Bridgemen, a group for gay, bi and trans men who get together and give back to the community in service projects. 

By the end of the workday, the weather was still damp and chilly, but the group had persevered through the challenging project. The tally was seven tree stumps removed. The cart was full of the stubs of roots and the pickup truck had a full load of weeds and leaves. The traces of our work removing the stumps showed in several areas with a topping of fresh soil. With the work done by the end of the morning, the Panhandle was looking great, and was more ready for tree plantings that are anticipated this fall.

Jul 10, 2017

July Workday

Our community workday on Saturday gave everyone the chance to catch up on neighborhood events will working with park staff on the planted areas around the playground. Some of our accomplishments were: pruning the honeysuckle along the playground fence; deadheading the yarrow and the juncus on the mound under the blazing hot sun; dividing clumps of Douglas Iris in the rain garden; clipping back geraniums in the small garden on the southeastern corner of the playground; and raking a mountain of eucalyptus leaves from the grass near the Oak & Ashbury.

Jul 3, 2017

GoBike close to opening stations near the Panhandle

For those looking - the GoBike stations closest to the Panhandle should be Central @ Fell, Hayes @ Cole, and Oak @ Broderick. GoBike tells me they will arrive by the end of summer. The GoBike map says they are coming soon. 

Sidewalk Science

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