Oct 15, 2018

Report of our October workday

On a beautiful fall morning, neighbors and families from the San Francisco Day School joined together with the the gardening staff of SF Rec and Park Department to take care of our local park, the Panhandle.
Four volunteers tackling the heavy duff left by the big trees 
Around our playground (which is slated for a complete rebuilding next year), grows a diverse mix of plantings, like well-established penstemons and butterfly bush. The area also has many large trees that shed their bark and leaves year-round...and so keeping the plantings in good shape takes some extra care and attention from the volunteers.

Four more volunteers wondering how to remove all the weedy grass from the rain garden
Adjacent to the playground, our rain garden has one problem area, on the west edge where seeds of invasive grasses pour in from the surrounding turf during each rainfall. This month's volunteer crew tackled the job of removing these grasses, and then planted in with some clumps of yarrow that grows nearby. Let's hope the yarrow begins to fill in this spot.

A sunny fall morning

Sep 10, 2018

Report of our September workday

On Saturday, local residents got together at the Panhandle to help our gardening staff with the continuing effort to keep the Panhandle Park welcoming and beautiful.

Brian suggested that maintenance of the irrigation system for the rain garden was overdue. That involved opening up the control box, and giving everyone a tutorial on the controls inside. 

It also required an assessment of all of the sprinkler heads, cleaning or replacing those that were clogged or damaged, and in some cases, digging out and and re-positioning the fixture. It was the most thorough maintenance of the irrigation that volunteers have been involved in, and will be important to give the garden some watering during the warm months ahead.

Not all of the volunteers on Saturday were wrapped up in the irrigation system, others were busy raking out beds, deadheading the blooms and removing weeds from the mound, and trimming back the shrubs surrounding the playground. We wrapped up with some raking of the leaves near the basketball courts.

Jul 19, 2018

Report of our July workday

At our workday on Saturday, Panhandle Park Stewards were out in force to help out our Rec & Park gardening staff with the planted areas around the playground and to recoup some of the pathways that had been covered in mud & debris.

Summer brings a lot of growth, and our rain garden needed some ongoing weeding and raking. Also widespread basal shoots (suckers) emerging from the roots of the elm trees in the area were sawed or clipped back to the ground. The eclectic plantings around the perimeter of the playground also received some attention. We want them to stay beautiful through their final days before the rebuilding of the playground next year.

Jul 4, 2018

Workdays continuing - join us at the Panhandle July 14

Panhandle workdays continue during the summer, with the next one coming up on July 14.

Panhandle Community Workday
Saturday, July 14
9 am - 12 noon
Meet at the bulletin board (near Oak @ Ashbury)
Tools & gloves are provided - all are welcome!

Recently, the parks department completed work in the Panhandle parklets near Oak @ Stanyan, with  tree trimming and turf restoration - the most sod I've ever seen laid in the Panhandle!