Jan 20, 2018

January workday with the Bridgemen

It was all about raking eucalyptus leaves and bark, tons of it, during our first workday of the year last Saturday. Volunteers picked out their favorite rake (four choices offered!) and then ranged both east and west from Ashbury St. Removing the litter from eucalyptus trees is one of the best ways to promote the health of the grasses covering the meadows in the park.

It was incredibly helpful to have our numbers boosted by the turnout of the Bridgemen, a service organization affiliated with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Second Saturday workdays for the community at the Panhandle Park continue through 2018. The San Francisco Day School continues its active participation this year, too!

Dec 10, 2017

December workday report & the Panhandle gets its first signposts

Yesterday at the Panhandle, volunteers from the community joined with Rec and Park's gardening staff for the final community workday of 2017. Afterward, we gathered for our group picture below the new signposts, which, for the first time, proudly name our neighborhood park.

Perks of volunteering: holiday wreaths and homemade cookies
The morning's work centered around the plantings near the restroom. Starting at the mound, we planted approximately a dozen oenothera - evening primrose, the same variety that has done well nearby and produces yellow blooms on tall flower spikes, leaving behind lots of tasty seeds for the birds. The new primroses were placed in a bare spot on the mound, which otherwise has filled in well with coyote brush, ceanothus, yarrow, strawberry and other native plants since initial planting two years ago by park staff and volunteers.

For the rest of the morning, our crew of volunteers was busy with raking eucalyptus leaves from the grass, trimming the honeysuckle shrub bordering the playground, removing weeds from the rain garden, and doing some careful pruning of the dogwoods.

Nov 14, 2017

Tree planting at November workday in the Panhandle (pictures)

Thanks to the participants in our November workday at the Panhandle Park. Assisted by Brian and Frankie, the group took care of a tree planting - a cedar planted near Oak @ Shrader. 

Thanks to Dana for the photos this month

Nov 8, 2017

Join the community workday this Saturday, November 11

Coming up this weekend:

Panhandle Community workday
Saturday, November 11
9 am - 12 noon
Meet near the bulletin board (Oak @ Ashbury)
Gloves and Tools provided