Apr 19, 2018

April workday report

It was great to have USF students show up and join with our regular volunteers
After a morning of raking by a group of volunteers, a thick layer of San Francisco's own home-grown wood-chip mulch now covers the ground beneath the branches of the cherry, plum and horse-chestnut trees at the Panhandle's eastern edge. The mulch will protect the roots of these juvenile trees from the heavy feet of the many, many human visitors the park will see this spring and summer. Over the past several years, volunteers for the community workdays in the Panhandle have spent a good deal of time with this cluster of trees, amending the soil, sheet mulching, and removing weeds. They now provide a welcoming sight, with the pink blooms of the cherry and plum trees in early spring and the large panicles of the horse chestnut holding creamy white flowers in late spring.

Brian deposits a load of wood chips under Cheryl's watchful eye
We actually separated into two groups of volunteers, so that several young trees near Clayton could also get a layer of protective mulch. Once these projects were complete, and we were fortified by a snack of homemade baked goods, we ventured to the rain garden and mound to remove spring weeds. In comparison with the perpetually chilly March workday, the April workday was warm and sunny, so it felt good to work in the shade of the Panhandle's tall trees.

Apr 4, 2018

SFMTA presents daylighting proposal for Fell Street

Traffic Safety on the  Fell Street side of the Panhandle was the topic for the March 20 meeting of the Panhandle Residents Organization. Jeffrey Banks, a traffic planner from SFMTA's Livable Streets presented this slide deck to help explain the benefits of daylighting at multiple intersections and to put the proposal in the context of Fell Street collision data and other safety improvements that have been made to the corridor. The board of the SFMTA will vote on the proposal at an upcoming meeting.

Panhandle workday on Saturday, April 14

Our next community work day is coming up in a week and a half: 

Panhandle Community Workday
Saturday, April 14
9 am - 12 noon
Meet at the Bulletin Board (near Oak @ Ashbury)
Tools & gloves provided

Join us at the first workday of spring! 

Mar 14, 2018

March Workday report

Volunteers from the SF Day School and from the neighborhood turned out for Panhandle workday on Saturday, March 10, and removed tons of eucalyptus leaf and bark litter so that our meadows can stay green & clean.  

It was good working with the students and their parents again this month. All the extra hands were needed after the recent storms had brought down so many leaves and bark out of the tall trees. 

Some of our the volunteers were veterans of turning out for the Panhandle workday, and others were out for the first time.