Nov 18, 2016

Next Workday: December 10

Our next workday at the Panhandle Park is coming up:

Panhandle Park Community Workday
Meet near Oak @ Ashbury (next to the playground and restrooms)
Saturday, Dec 10 
9 am - 12 noon
All are welcome. Tools and gloves are provided. Wear sturdy shoes and dress in layers. 

Nov 13, 2016

November workday at the Panhandle

A super group of volunteers joined yesterday's workday at the Panhandle Park, joined by Liz (center in vest) a gardener newly-assigned to our sector of Golden Gate Park.

We took up the challenge of aggressively removing weeds and over-abundant native plants in the rain garden, in order to free up some space for a number of new plants and maximize the biodiversity there. 

With plants provided by the RPD nursery, we planted some additional primrose, cinquefoil, and currant into the garden, as well as one new species: sambucus racemosa. Looking forward to abundant rain, perhaps coming in the next few days, to give these plants a good long drink.  

Nov 3, 2016

Join us November 12 as we diversify the plants in the Panhandle Park

Our next community workday in the Panhandle is in a week and a half:

Panhandle Park Community Workday
Saturday, Nov 12
9 am - 12 noon
All are welcome. Tools and gloves are provided. Wear sturdy shoes and dress in layers. 

The rains have begun, and that means it's planting season! Our rain garden near the playground was planted in early 2013 with dozens of species native to California. It's time for updates to the garden so join us for the fun of planting new plants into the garden and move a few others around. We'll also have a variety of other tasks, like sweeping, raking and weeding.

a photo from 2013...

...and one from this fall

Oct 16, 2016

First rains of the season

The third rainfall in three days is soaking the park this morning. Before the rain started, I was out for a walk in the park and found that the storm had brought down a couple of big tree branches.
Next to the playground - thankfully doesn't seem to have done any damage

An even larger branch, also from a Monterey Cypress, near Shrader @ Oak
Meanwhile, I checked out the redwoods behind the McKinley Monument, which were pruned back earlier this month.

Seen from this angle, the pruning of the tall trees close to the monument looks pretty severe

The shorter redwoods located further back were also pruned but not as severely