Apr 17, 2011

Pathway progress at Lyon Street

Meeting last week with some new advocates for the Panhandle, I learned about a patch job to the asphalt path where Lyon St would cross over the park. I came back to take a picture and was happy to see this large, smooth swath. Hopefully this repair will lift up the path out of the muck, a problem for this spot during the rainy season. Thanks to the RPD for completing this repair, and to community members (if any) who turned in a repair request.

Apr 9, 2011

April workday: Beautiful day in the park

A big group of volunteers enjoyed this morning's workday under sunny skies. After getting an orientation to the day's work and checking out examples of one of the park's weeds, rumex crispus, we organized into two groups. While some folks began a clean up of the children's playground, the bigger part of the group walked east to a worksite near Baker Street. We passed by the pittosporum crassifolium that toppled over during the high winds this week. It was sad to see the end of this old tree, but fortunately there are several other Karos nearby in the park.

We started out by filling wheelbarrows, and then spread them around the young cherry trees near Baker Street.

The soil also went around the big redwoods on the north side of the park. 

Closer to Lyon Street @ Fell, the enormous eucalyptus trees got a layer of mulch. 

Thanks to all of our volunteers, and especially to the seventh grade (and some other students) from SFDS! 

Apr 2, 2011

April workday coming up next Saturday

Our next Panhandle community work day is coming up next Saturday, April 9. Join the fun by meeting up at the bulletin board (@ Ashbury) at 9 a.m. Wear sturdy shoes; gloves and tools are provided.

Our work plan is still being developed. Given the heavy rains in March, a bumper crop of spring weeds is coming up. The lawn mowers will be out soon to cut the weeds down to size, but helping hands from the community would be useful in eradicating weeds from around the trees.