Dec 18, 2014

Pathway accessibility work at Cole St

The curb ramps leading into the park from Cole Street are under reconstruction. Two of them look complete (one on the north and one on the south). The other two are still underway.
one of the entrances on the north side at Cole

And one of the entrances
on the south side at Cole
Similar work was completed at Clayton last year. And curb ramps were rebuilt at Fell/Baker in September at the start of the PUC's stormwater project. Accessibility is important, but I sense that photos and posts about curb ramps aren't very stirring. Watch for more interesting news about the Panhandle coming out soon!

Rainstorms fell a Monterey Pine near Central

A tree toppled a few days ago - this morning it still remained just off the bike path on the north side, at the intersection with Central Ave. Monterey Pine are increasingly scarce in the park. The larger pine tree (shown in the picture) is still standing directly across the path, but shows some signs of stress, such as losing needles and producing large number of cones.