Oct 30, 2013

Fall Back in Nature: This Sunday Nov 3

Our second special event in the Panhandle Park Action Project is coming up this Sunday, November 3. Join us anytime between 11:30 am - 1:30 pm for picnicking and appreciation of the amazing natural resources of the Panhandle Park! See you just outside the playground.

Oct 13, 2013

October Panhandle workday - pictures

Day School families (and me) gather during our break
A few dozen volunteers - including a big group of families from the San Francisco Day School - came out to participate in yesterday's community workday in the Panhandle. We were happy to have cool and dry weather all morning. 

The largest group of volunteers was put to work in raking up eucalyptus leaves, and then spreading some wood chips around the trunks of the massive trees near the playground. Some of our regular volunteers worked tending to the rain garden, we took time for some follow-up care for a new planting on the north side of the playground - rows of yarrow, heuchera, ceanothus, Oregon grape, and currant.

Thanks everyone for coming out to work together in our neighborhood park!

A view of the east end of the Panhandle as seen on Google Maps