Mar 16, 2011

Tree improvements near Bierman Glade

I noticed recent tree pruning that has dramatically improved the appearance and feeling around the Sue Bierman glade, west end of the Panhandle. The pruned trees were pittosporum, one of the most common trees in the park.

Mar 13, 2011

March work day - wrap up

A garden is a work in progress, forever changing and, as a managed landscape, it needs routine upkeep and inputs. In the Panhandle, one of the inputs that we routinely bring in is healthy soil, so on this March work day, that's just what we did in the park's largest grove of redwoods, located just east of the McKinley monument. We last spread new soil in these redwoods at a community workday in January 2010

Volunteers also worked to clean up the playground, and to bury cardboard - i.e., sheet mulching an area just outside the fence, so that we can have a bed that will be ready to plant into this spring. 

Workers in that area also scooped up weeds and tossed them into wheelbarrows. Yeah! 
Thanks to SF Rec and Park workers for organizing the work, and to our partners, the San Francisco Day School and Asian American Recovery Services, for bringing out volunteers and working so hard. 

Mar 6, 2011

Capital Improvement Project at the Panhandle

Please check out this new video on YouTube (by yours truly) with news about the Panhandle Park and the capital improvement project coming this year. Folks from the Neighborhood Parks Council did me the favor of offering some suggestions about the rough cut and then posted it to their website this past week.

I hope this video contributes toward improving perceptions about the Panhandle Park held by people across San Francisco. Comment, share, or just enjoy. 

Mar 2, 2011

Upcoming Panhandle Work Day: Saturday, March 12

Our next work day is coming up a week from Saturday, on Saturday March 12. We start at 9 am and end around 11:30. Neighbors are invited to join us to care for the park.