Jul 30, 2011

Improvements at the west end

The path leading to the Sue Bierman Glade received some attention and some fresh, clean materials. Looking good!
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Jul 21, 2011

Come learn about potential Oak & Fell bike project next Tuesday

This post contains information I sent to our email list a few days ago, as well as a few minor additions. 

WHAT: A community meeting sponsored by Panhandle Park Stewards and North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association. Meet with staff of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and learn about a potential project to improve access for bikes between the Panhandle Park and the Wiggle bike route.

WHEN: Next Tuesday, July 26, starting at 7pm. Meeting expected to last less than one hour. 

WHERE: St Cyprian's Episcopal Church, in the lower level community hall, at the corner of Turk & Lyon. 

Background:  The SF MTA has funding to begin planning and design work along Fell and Oak Street to improve the safety and comfort of bicycling in our neighborhood. Luis Montoya of the Livable Streets Subdivision of the SF MTA is leading the project and initiated this meeting, and wants to meet with everyone concerned. 

I think changes to Oak and Fell would have impacts on the Panhandle Park - including, but not limited to the experience of cycling in the park. See previous posts about local cycling issues on this blog. Volunteers at our recent work day expressed interest in taking part in a meeting to learn about where this project might be headed and to begin to provide input. Panhandle Park Stewards has a practice of volunteer work days in the park, and not of community meetings, so I am happy to team up with NOPNA to arrange this meeting. Luis Montoya has said that there won't be technical details, such as a measurement of impacts, at this meeting, nor will there be any voting on one idea versus another. Those details are further in the future and would be presented at a public meeting, publicized broadly. 

Jul 9, 2011

July Work day

This morning's crew worked in the new bed  by the playground, that was planted by the Belvedere group two months ago. We pulled some densely seeded trifolium (though leaving a strip) and followed up with placing a layer of mulch. All but one of the new plants seem to be thriving!

We also got into the beds on the front of the playground with some basic gardening, deadheading, and a few new plants.

A few of us also worked inside the playground. The odd weather pattern seems to have produced a bunch of leaf litter from the surrounding eucalyptus trees, sort of out of season (though of course they fall year round, too) and so we took a bunch out with a rake. 
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Jul 6, 2011

July work day coming up THIS SATURDAY

Our next work day is fast approaching, Saturday, July 9 at the normal time and place: 9 am - 11:30 am, meeting up at the bulletin board (near Ashbury). I heartily encourage all interested park lovers to be part of this month's program.

I've made a Facebook event and that's one way to register your interest and to tell friends about it. You can find the event at this link.