May 31, 2012

Two trees down near Central

This pittosporum tree, just west of Central  and south of the south path, was horizontal yesterday. It appeared that, in falling, it also pushed over another pittosporum next to it. 

At least I believe they were both pittosporum. The tree that initially fell, had the red flowers (top) of a Karo (pittosporum crassifolium) while the tree that got knocked over (bottom) had closed buds. The Panhandle has a lot of pittosporum trees including the concentrated grove located just east of here, between Central and Lyon.  

Whatever species, they make for quite a lot of tree to remove from the park. Other trees nearby include three nice, if somewhat stunted, hawthornes. There are also several large eucalyptus and, a little farther west, the cluster of olive trees.   

May 20, 2012

Pictures from our May Panhandle work day

For our May workday in the Panhandle, we returned to the trees near Fell @ Cole for some basic tree care. 

Young & old in the Panhandle
 We were led by Zack from RPD and joined by SF Day School fourth graders and their families in the work of removing weeds at the base of the old trees before spreading compost & mulch. 

Besides the main crew's work, additional volunteers from New Traditions Elementary School raked and swept at the playground. Families and staff from New Traditions were together at the playground for a picnic and thought it would be a great time to contribute to community efforts to make the Panhandle a better park. 

At the conclusion of the work, as a special recognition for all of the great contributions during this past school year, volunteers got tacos from Hot Bike, sponsored by SF Day School and the North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association.
Photos by Michael Helquist. Thanks!

May 15, 2012

Picnic and pinata celebration at the Saturday's Panhandle work day

At our Panhandle Work day on Saturday, May 19, we're throwing a beginning of summer /end of the school year celebration! Join us for a picnic after working together with neighbors. 

Saturday May 19
Panhandle Workday 9 am-11:30 am
Picnic 11 am-12:30 pm 
Meet at the Playground, near Fell @ Ashbury. Gloves & tools provided (we have small size gloves but not children's gloves). 

The picnic is FREE for all of our volunteers and park staff, and especially to thank the families from SF Day School for another great year of partnership with the Panhandle Park Stewards, making the park a greener and better place. 

Our gardener, Guillermo will bring us a pinata from the Mission, and our picnic chef will be Rose Johnson, a chef in the neighborhood (aka Apothocurious). Rose is fresh off a big success with a Kickstarter campaign to build a pedal-propelled mobile chef station. She has terrific vegan tacos & grilled cheese. 

The picnic is sponsored by SF Day School & Panhandle Park Stewards. 

May 4, 2012

McKinley graffiti removed; also curb ramp underway at Lyon St

After being hit with several waves of graffiti, and after many calls and 311 reports from annoyed members of the community, the McKinley Memorial was finally cleaned up on Wednesday. This 1904 artwork by Robert Ingersoll Aitken is among artworks listed by the San Francisco Arts Commission as most in need of immediate attention & restoration.

Nearby, Precision Engineering company has work underway at Lyon Street to build a curb ramp connecting the park to the crosswalk across Fell. That was one of the last intersections around the Panhandle Park without an accessible curb ramp.