May 18, 2014

May workday report

At the east end of the Panhandle, a double row of Cherry trees and Chestnut trees have grown large and healthy since being planted in 2010. The focus of last week's community workday was to give these young trees some routine maintenance. 
Step 1: cut and place cardboard
In order to supplement their soil, protect their roots from trampling, and suppress weeds, our basic method was sheet mulching: laying down a layer of cardboard, followed by composted fines, and then a layer of wood chips.
Step 2: many wheelbarrows full of soil
Step 3: Spread wood chips
Our small group of dedicated volunteers wrapped up that project and went on to give the same treatment to a few more trees, too, going on to the magnolia, one of the redwoods, and the Giant Sequoia.

Meanwhile, cyclists gathered nearby for a tour of dim sum