Jun 21, 2010

June Work Day wrap-up

Thanks to a terrific crew of volunteers from the neighborhood who joined us in the Panhandle on Saturday morning for some park care.

We weeded out a bed on the North side of the park, near Masonic.

Next was a two-step process of amending the soil to protect the exposed soil, while providing a good planting medium.

Guillermo demonstrated some careful planting techniques. 

Then all joined in on planting dozens of impatiens, marigolds, and white petunias. 
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Jun 8, 2010

This Saturday: June work day for the Panhandle

gardening tools
Gardening tools
Panhandle Clean Up! 

It's time to bring out the tools and get to work with neighbors in the park. This Saturday, June 12, starting at 9 am and lasting until 11 am. This month's work plan is still being developed.

Meet at the bulletin board, near the playground. You can also drop-in for just part of the time - we'd be glad to see you.

Jun 5, 2010

Final verdict for the Horse Chestnut

There was no saving the common horse chestnut that split in half two weeks ago. The remaining half was removed, and then it was cut down to the stump. 

Looking on the bright side, the loss of the old tree gives plenty of growing room for another Aesculus growing close by. With the red blooms it's clearly a Red Horse Chestnut, a species that's becoming increasingly popular as a street tree in San Francisco, on Waller, Dolores, and elsewhere. 
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