Apr 16, 2015

April workday report

Volunteers helped out at Saturday's community workday by planting dozens of new plants: ceanothus, mugwort, bee plant, yarrow, sticky monkey-flower, and white sage, to name a few. Some went into the area next to the playground, and others into the rain garden, helping to finally build up the plantings around the edges of the garden, something we've been hoping for a long time. The plants were provided by SF Rec and Park Department.

As we gathered in the morning, everyone's attention was on the worsening drought in California. San Francisco must cut water consumption by another 10 percent. Guillermo, the gardener from Rec and Park, told us that he will cut back further on watering in the Panhandle, and that fortunately, some new sprinkler heads have been installed that will help him to do that. Many other localities around the state must cut back by more than ten percent. Much attention has been placed on changes to gardens and landscaping, and losing your lawn is catching on.

Apr 8, 2015

Panhandle Workday this Saturday, April 11 - with Irises

There's a Panhandle workday coming up this weekend:

Panhandle community workday
Saturday, April 11
9 am - 12 noon
Meet at the bulletin board (near Oak at Ashbury)
Gloves & tools provided

Come and enjoy the Panhandle with us. There are some Douglas Iris in the rain garden that you've got to see! 
Thanks Michael Helquist for the photo