Apr 25, 2012

Special date for May workday: May 19

I'm cross-posting this announcement sent yesterday to our volunteer email list: 

For May, we're modifying our normal schedule and having the community workday in the Panhandle on Saturday, May 19. This is a one-time change and the workday should change back to the second Saturday during the summer. 

Saturday, May 19 (Third Saturday of the month for one-time only)
9 am - 11:30 am
Meet near the Playground (near Oak @ Ashbury)

May 19 is the day before Bay to Breakers. Kudos to those of you who sign up to be community ambassadors to help keep the event positive for the neighborhood. 

Apr 16, 2012

April's community workday in the Panhandle

How does it feel working in the sun? 
Thanks to more than 25 people who showed up to help out on Saturday for our April community workday! Our focus turned back to the playground, where we weeded some of the ornamental beds, raked leaves out of the sand, and added a few new perennials to the empty spots near the northeast border.   
Removing wheelbarrows full of leaves from the playground

Watering some new plants
 During the second half of the workday, we moved west and spread two truckloads of compost fines around redwoods and other trees near Fell and Cole. 

Four wheelbarrows in action at once

We also took time to discuss the city's plans to remove four trees and prune several others to address structural and safety issues. After that discussion it was eerie to return to the park later in the day and notice a forty-foot long branch that had fallen from a eucalyptus tree just across the path from the bathrooms. The limb had either fallen conveniently just off of the path behind a bench - or perhaps had been removed by some helpful folks who happened to encounter it on their Saturday afternoon visit to the park.  

Apr 11, 2012

Join our Panhandle work day this Saturday April 14

Our Second Saturday community work day is coming up - Saturday, April 14.

--Meet at 9 am at the Playground (near Ashbury).
--Tools are provided.
--Wear boots or sturdy shoes because of the mud.
--Kids are welcome accompanied by an adult.

The forecast is for sun this Saturday and it's a great time of year to spend some time in the park: the hawthorns are blooming, and the elms, maples, walnuts and chestnuts are being to come into leaf. This month's program is also a chance to learn more about the planned tree removal/tree pruning and to send in reports to 311 for graffiti or other problems in the park.

Apr 8, 2012

New graffiti on the McKinley Monument

Call or tweet to SF 311 if you're tired of graffiti on the McKinley Monument. New tags by IAMOGB appeared this weekend on all four sides. My previous reports of tags have not been addressed, so maybe they want to hear from more people. 

Apr 7, 2012

Tree Removals Posted (post updated 4/11/12)

Update: Rec and Park has explained that some of these trees will be pruned, not removed. In addition to the eight trees pictured, two more trees were also identified by the department for pruning. Four of the trees are to be removed while six are to be pruned. See more details below. 

Rec and Park has posted notices of planned removal on several trees in the Panhandle, "due to health and/or structural issues." I found eight. I've called the phone number listed and asked for more information.

Trees west of Masonic (8):
1. Monterey cypress near playground
update: tree #363 to be pruned 

2. Eucalyptus near Oak @ Clayton
 tree #371 to be removed

3. Blackwood acacia @ Oak near Cole
tree #382 to be removed

4. Monterey Cypress @ Fell near Cole
Tree #297 to be pruned

5. Eucalyptus @ Fell between Ashbury and Clayton
Trees #302 to be pruned
Note: Not pictured - nearby tree #305 to be pruned

6. Eucalyptus @ Oak between Masonic and Ashbury
Tree #350 to be pruned

7. Eucalyptus @ Oak just west of Masonic
Tree #349 to be removed
Trees east of Masonic (2):
8. Eucalyptus @ Fell just east of Masonic
Tree #315 to be removed

9. Not pictured: 
Tree #342 to be pruned. Near Oak just east of Central 

Continued update: This work is happening with funding and planning approved by voters in the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond. A community open house about the Golden Gate Park Forestry Project is scheduled for April 26, 6pm-7:30pm, at the SF County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. See the Forestry project page for more information about the park forestry program and for a flyer about this meeting on April 26.

Join us at our community workday this weekend for an optional discussion about the tree removals and pruning.