May 14, 2011

May work day wrap-up

Neighbors worked together with park staff in the Panhandle this morning. In the shade of a group of pittosporum near Oak and Clayton, we spread compost fines to enrich the soil and protect the roots. We also spread soil around two of the redwoods near Fell and Clayton, and in that area we tracked some bumble bees to a nearby hole in the ground. Bumble bees make their nests underground, and we wondered how many bees might be down there. Wikipedia says a mature nest might have 50 bumble bees. 

Meanwhile, Fif and Nancy got to work cutting back the sod encroaching on the cross-over path. By the end of the work, we were amazed at just how much path we had brought back. 

When we finished our work and walked back to the playground, we found a bunch of new plants in the ground. The Kevin Collins Children's Garden provided dozens of colorful, decorative plants to fill the new bed at the southeast corner of the playground.   
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