May 16, 2011

Recognizing San Francisco Day School

The San Francisco Day School has been an outstanding partner in the Panhandle Park volunteer effort this year. Saturday's program was the sixth consecutive work day in which families from the Day School took part, alongside other volunteers from the neighborhood. Now, as they're about to take their summer break, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone from SFDS. Your consistency, your enthusiasm, your hard work and your helpful spirits have made a big difference since you began in November 2010. Families have shown up when their specific grade is organized, and have also begun to come back as repeat volunteers.

Parent leader (and great park steward) Fif G. says that SFDS is ready to take a summer break, so SFDS families aren't participating in an organized manner this summer, though the monthly work days are continuing and everyone is welcome to come out and join volunteers from the community. SFDS plans to return to action in September 2011.

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