Mar 13, 2010

March Panhandle work day - wrap up and photos.

Today's Panhandle work day had a big job to do: helping a grove of trees between Lyon and Central, near Oak. These big piles needed to be spread to help nourish and protect the trees. Fortunately, our group of volunteers was reinforced by folks from Asian American Recovery Services and Larkin Street Youth Services. Working with pitchforks, wheelbarrows, and rakes, they had the soil spread by the end of the morning. 

Larkin Street volunteers with me (left) and Guillermo (front right)

Neighborhood volunteers, meanwhile, tackled a persistent Panhandle problem: keeping our multi-use path clear of mud and grass. Armed with shovels, we sliced through the muck and scooped it up and off the path. This job felt even more tiring than spreading mulch, but seeing the results, and getting some thanks from some passing cyclists and runners was gratifying. 

Panhandle neighbors next to our spiffed up path

It's Arbor Day in California, so it was fitting that we also paid some attention to one of the grandest old trees in the Panhandle: the 100+ year old Moreton Bay Fig near Central. We removed dozens of nasty clumps of Ehrharta grass from the base of its trunk.
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  1. Thanks Dale for organizing. It was a lot of FUN.


  2. Great Work Dale!! It looks like you guys got some good work done!!!!