Jan 11, 2011

January work day wrap up

Our park's benches - especially those near the restroom and basketball courts - have been described as unappealing. One person said they looked like they were sinking into the mud. 

The benches are mounted into asphalt, so it wasn't so much a matter of benches sinking, as it was that dirt, weeds, and trash were creeping up and around them. So on Saturday, our gardeners began working with neighborhood volunteers on an excavation. It's an important and timely project, because this area of the park will soon receive capital improvements - but the benches are expected to stay.

At the monthly work day Saturday, park volunteers spread in two groups. While I worked with one group in the east end, a group of students in the fourth grade at the SF Day School took to caring for the playground - spreading new soil into the Kevin Collins Children's Garden, and raking leaves from the sand in the playground.

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