Jun 15, 2011

June Work Day wrap-up

Our June work day in the Panhandle brought together a group of neighbors who planted dozens of small plants from Rec and Park's plant nursery: lots of lavendars, daisies, and yarrow.

Guillermo told us about the organic methods he's been using to care for the Panhandle. No pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers.

To expand an existing bed along the north path between Lyon and Central, we laid cardboard on grass, and situated our plants.

Some of the park regulars stopped by to watch us cut holes in the cardboard and dig holes for the new plants. The soil in the Panhandle is really compacted, and this took a lot of work. 

Besides the flower bed in this picture, we also filled in beds on both sides of the Panhandle at Lyon. Here we are showing off our work at the end of the day.

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