Mar 14, 2012

March workday: Much to report

Today's steady rain was welcome at the Panhandle, giving a much needed soak for all of the plants - and especially a bunch of new ones that we put in the ground at Saturday's community work day.

Working with a big crew of volunteers, including families of the seventh graders from the SF Day School, we worked on several projects near the east end. Next to the multi-use path for the two blocks between Baker and Central, shrubs were clipped, beds were weeded and supplemented with compost, and several nice sized ornamental bushes were added.
All photos in this post by Liz Acosta Photography. Copyright, all rights reserved.
On the south path, we worked on a large bed that needed to have some weedy rumex crispus dug out, huge roots and all.  
Copyright Liz Acosta Photography
A project that took some extra planning was a special planting close to the redwoods at the southeast corner of the park. On Friday, the seventh graders learned about California's native redwood habitats during their science class. They drew pictures of two plants commonly found with the coast redwood: redwood sorrel and Western bleeding-heart. On Saturday, they planted several of these plants close to one of the redwoods, and posted some of their pictures to encourage some respect and hopefully prevent trampling.

photos Copyright Liz Acosta Photography 

The success of Saturday's work day was due to everybody coming together - students, parents, repeat volunteers, first-timers, and our crew from the Rec and Park Department. 
Final group photo by me.
Copyright Liz Acosta Photography

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