Jun 10, 2012

Pictures from yesterday's Panhandle workday

Here's a quick look at yesterday's community work day. A dozen neighbors joined our Rec & Park department gardener to help improve conditions in the Panhandle. We focused our efforts between Baker and Lyon at the east end of the park, with most of our work focused on removing weeds from around the base of trees - the young cherry trees and horse chestnuts that are planted near Baker Street, the magnolia trees near the McKinley monument, and more mature Monterey cypress and Giant sequoia next to the north path. 

We also helped pull some grasses that were beginning to encroach on the understory planting among the redwoods in the southeast corner of the park. The plants there are doing well, and a diversity of mushrooms was also noted.

The bed of ornamental plants at Lyon Street also got some overdue attention, after being overgrown by an outbreak of fumitory.    

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