Oct 13, 2012

Today's workday was sunny & busy

It was a warm sunny morning for our Panhandle workday, and our challenge was to reinvigorate the big bare spots in the turf around the McKinley Monument. A big crew of volunteers was on hand to shovel compost into wheelbarrows and then spread a thin layer on the compacted soil, with the hopes that the seed bank will send up fresh shoots.

After break, we spread a mountain of wood chips around the northeast redwood cluster. By the time our program ended, a crew of seven remained on hand for a final photo in the cool shade of the redwoods.
Our work site was next to the big District 5 mobilization on Baker Street for waste drop-off and compost giveaway. Some of our team brought along bags to take some free compost home. We also had the chance to grab a free reusable bag from the SF Dept of Environment.

District 5 Supervisor Christina Olague also stopped by for a chat on the way to her campaign volunteer mobilization in the shade of the memorial.

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