Jan 12, 2013

Thank you! Today was awesome at the Panhandle

Once again we had sun and fun working at the Panhandle for the Second Saturday. Two truckfuls of compost fines and two truckfuls of wood chip mulch were waiting for us, but first we entered the capital project area for a pre-work group photo:

Earlier this month I had thought we would be ready to begin our planting project this month, but the groundwork (the contractor's work) is just not quite done, so planting will wait for next month. February is still the rainy season and a very good month for planting in San Francisco.

We headed east to the cheesewood forest, between Lyon and Central on the Oak Street side. Thankfully, we had large numbers of fourth graders to aid in the pitchfork, wheelbarrow, rake brigade. The faster we scooped, the more the warm compost steamed in the morning sun.

We got the bulk of the work done by breaktime, and many of our workers were off to basketball games and piano lessons. A core group stayed to finish the last ton or so. We gathered in the dappled sunlight underneath our local tropical forest to pose again.

Thanks, Dad, for the photo

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