Mar 12, 2013

Saturday workday: we planted into our new rain garden

The Panhandle capital project is complete, and the rain garden located just west of the restroom is ready for community-based stewardship, so Saturday we undertook a major planting.

Our plants came from the HANC Native Plant Nursery, from Rec and Park's Golden Gate Park nursery, and from Bay Natives. We selected plants that are local to the bay area and that have the ability to do well in the generally shady, damp conditions. Within the site, we also chose specific places for each species based on water & light conditions. Even after putting in 100+ plants, there remains a good amount of space for further plantings in the future.


After break, volunteers also helped maintain a new bed of plants next to the gardener's shed.

Volunteers from San Francisco Day School began our first week in the area behind the restroom, where patchy asphalt surrounding several eucalyptus trees was recently removed. The first stage was to spread wood chips that will define a social path through the site.
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  1. It's lovely! Who organized this?

  2. It's a lovely garden, I stumbled across it the other day. Who organized it, was there any funding?

    1. Funded by community donations and by SF taxpayers through the SF Parks Bond. It was me and other community volunteers who organized the plan and work with our city gardeners to keep it growing.