Jun 9, 2013

June workday and progress in the Panhandle's central area

Thanks to 12 volunteers for being part of our workday. Here's the crew remaining at the end of the morning.
Volunteers planted a whole lot of new plants near the playground yesterday during our Saturday workday in the Panhandle: marigolds and cosmos around the south side of the gardener's shack and a dozen larger perennials for the plot on the east side of the shed.

Spreading the mulch around outside the playground
And there's more! A load of compost fines and a heap of mulch was ready for Stage 1 of a big new project: prepping the sandy & weedy area outside the playground gates for planting. This spot has a big eucalyptus and two other trees, and the leaf litter and shade make for a less than ideal growing environment. After a few months of allowing the compost fines and mulch to settle in (pardon my lack of biotechnical knowledge), we'll bring some hardy plants that are appropriate for this spot - for example, short stature (to not block views in and out of playground). 

I was amazed that our dozen volunteers succeeded in the laborious work of moving and spreading the compost and mulch around the entire area. Another volunteer was also busy trimming elm suckers and a hedge on the side of the playground that is forever growing too high. We even had time at the end for a concentrated effort to remove weeds that continue to pop up in the new rain garden. The morning's work was running, so Guillermo was able to take time to get out the leaf-blower and clean the asphalt area for a Silent Frisco dance party that was about to start up.  

Thanks to the Golden Gate Park Nursery for providing our new plants, to our regular and first-time volunteers, and to our gardener Guillermo. 

Conium, ranunculus repens, Senecio Elegans, begone!

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