Jan 18, 2015

Curb access work finishes at Cole and starts at Ashbury

The four access points into the park at Cole Street - two on the south side and two on the north - are all rebuilt. A few construction cones remain, but they're all open for public use. (See previous post on this work at Cole St.).
Entering the park from Cole @ Fell Street

Leaving the park to Cole @ Oak. The pathway doesn't align with the crosswalk. 
Now, similar access work has begun at the southwest connector from Oak Street at Ashbury, and a long stretch is dug up. Because the entire stretch from the street to the gardener's shack is dug up, people walking on the south path can't get around, and so the work crew positioned a barrier and sign stating that the path is closed. It's aggravating to see a closure like that affecting the park during a busy holiday weekend.
South path closed between Clayton and Ashbury, 1/17/15
Rebuilding starts on path from Ashbury @ Oak 
South path blocked by the work

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