Sep 19, 2015

September workday report

Our monthly community workday took place last weekend, and thanks to a strong turnout from the families of the San Francisco Day School, we accomplished a ton of work to keep the park beautiful and accessible.

The SFDS families were mostly involved in a project at the east end, where a grove of redwood trees is located behind the McKinley Memorial. With wheelbarrows, rakes and pitchforks, they spread a thick topping of compost fines beneath the trees to nourish them and protect their roots.

Photos by Guillermo
Back near the playground, our regular/repeat volunteers took care of the areas next to the playground and in the rain garden, removing eucalyptus leaf and bark litter and pulling weeds, like dandelion, English plantain, and Bermuda grass. 

Doug and his friend took care of watering a few thirsty plants

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