Nov 15, 2015

November workday report

 At the community workday this Saturday, volunteers helped the Panhandle by teaming up with our Rec and Park staff on two projects: tending to the grounds near the playground with new plantings, and spreading compost fines to nourish the redwoods growing near Cole Street.

Afterward, we celebrated our morning of work with some chicken and veggie tacos prepared by Guillermo. Thanks everyone!
"Brown is the new green": Spreading woodchips beneath the elms
Planting drought-tolerant perennials next to the gardener's shed

Reorganizing plants in the rain garden to fortify the edges

Spreading a layer of soil below redwoods and one of the 2 California Buckeyes in the Panhandle (at right)

In the shade of the Panhandle's redwood grove

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