Feb 14, 2010

February Work day wrap-up

Yesterday's work day for the Panhandle Park Stewards brought out lots of enthusiastic volunteers to work on making the Panhandle a better park - and the best weather we've seen in a long time. 

After meeting at the Bulletin Board, a group travelled east to a stand of trees just east of Masonic. After picking up a few bags of trash (see last week's post on drinking parties), we shoveled wood chips on the ground to shield the shallow topsoil and protect the trees' roots.

After posing for this group shot, we travelled further east to the Redwoods and spread more compost around the grove (a task we started in January). This hard working group, which included both neighbors and green-agers from across SF, had their pitchforks, wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes moving fast.

Back at the playground, our Panhandle gardener Dave was helping lead another dozen volunteers, including One Brick and Asian American Recovery Services, were sweeping and raking leaves in and around the playground. Meanwhile, a crew from Rec & Park made a soil delivery. I gather that the children's garden around the playground is getting a make-over. For planters, it's out with the old tires and in with wood barrels.

Above: Jay with some of the day's One Brick volunteers.

A huge THANK YOU to everybody who helped make the work day a huge success. Hope to see you back on the Second Saturday in March.
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  1. February=SUPER Success!!! This is some epic and indepth coverage, great job Dale!

  2. Ohh, also could you send me the pics from Saturday?