Feb 16, 2010

Panhandle Park Pathway - work to be done

I've hoping to design a task for the Panhandle Park Stewards' next work day: some simple path maintenance. The multi-use pathway is increasingly traveled by cyclists and other users, and is arguably not wide enough to safely accommodate everyone. Yet areas of the path are inundated by mud, and grass is growing in it. See red outline for an area that has been "taken back" by mud, grass and leaves:
This area needs to be cleared

Let's get the most out of every inch of pathway we've got! While out with volunteers and tools, we stopped for a trial run with shovels and rakes. We made decent progress.
small area cleared this weekend

I found Kikuyu Grass was one of the weeds intruding on the paved path. It's a plant from East Africa that can take over. Since it's rhizomatic and somewhat ropelike, and it can actually be kind of fun to pull up...if you like weeding!

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