May 5, 2010

Events coming to the Panhandle: B2B, BTWD, and NOPNA block party

Gear up for some big events in the next two weeks:

May 8: Panhandle Park Work Day
Saturday May 8, 9 am to noon.

May 13: Bike to Work Day
A yearly tradition, a high holy day for the bike community, Bike to Work Day (BTWD) is on Thursday, May 13. The Panhandle is the scene of one of San Francisco's most popular Energizer Stations, supporting riders on the way home from work or school. There's lots of free stuff - while it lasts - for cyclists - so come down, support the bike commuters, and spend some time enjoying your park. Fell @ Masonic, 5 to 7 pm.

May 15: NOPNA Block Party and Food Drive
Just a block off the park - Lyon between Hayes and Grove - is the site of NOPNA's neighborhood block party. NOPNA throws one of the best community-based block parties in SF, bringing together neighbors, kids, food, and music. Bring nonperishable food for the Groceries for Seniors Program. Saturday, May 15 from 11 am to 6 pm. (I'm planning a Panhandle Tree Walk @ 3 pm, leaving from Lyon @ Hayes).

May 16: Bay to Breakers
The 99th annual Bay to Breakers 12K footrace is coming up on Sunday, May 16. Usually, B2B pierces my consciousness when I hear the persistent din of helicopters tracking the race as it courses west on Fell Street. I like to walk over and check out the scene as the masses traverse our neighborhood. The mood is festive, but the thousands and thousands of runners, walkers and drinkers usually outlast my interest. Join the fun by having a picnic in the Panhandle. Take blankets, sunscreen, refreshments, games, a camera, and the Sunday paper (it goes on a really long time...)

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