May 9, 2010

May work day wrap up

Our community work day yesterday brought 10 of us together to work on caring for the Panhandle Park.

We made some real progress on removing debris from the North path - this time between Masonic and Ashbury. Our park gardener had staged equipment and safety cones to make this possible. I think that cyclists and other path users are going to notice a big difference. Here's a step by step breakdown of our work: 

Find a target area 

figure out how much you need to uncover

Don the special hat and use the cutting tool

Scoop up the mud and weeds

Make a final sweep

We still had enthusiasm and energy to spare, so we raked eucalyptus leaves from the turf close to the playground. Enjoy your park this weekend and thanks to the Panhandle Park Stewards!

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  1. Sorry missed this one, but great jobs you care takers. Let's keep up good work. Hope to see you on block party next week.

    NOPNA Board Member