Feb 19, 2013

Green Connections propose waxwings and quail for the Panhandle

What do these two gorgeous birds have to do with the Panhandle?
Cedar waxwing
Cedar Waxwings are often observed in flocks, feeding on berries and insects. They may be hard to see up high in the tall trees, but with binoculars you'll be able to spot the black mask and red "wax" droplets on the wing feathers. (I really have seen excited birdwatchers in the Panhandle identifying Cedar Waxwings). This bird is the emblem of a proposed route in the Green Connections network. The Route, #4, would be called the Bay to Beach route and would travel directly west from Market and VanNess to Ocean Beach. 

A grab of the bigger draft network
The Green Connections draft network has not just one, but two routes overlapping in (or next to) the Panhandle. Fell Street along the Panhandle would be a segment of the Ridge Trail (Route 23) between Twin Peaks and Tennessee Hollow. The Ridge Trail's emblematic species would be the California Quail (our state bird). Sadly, that species is not currently seen in the Panhandle. In fact, I'm not sure Quail have survived anywhere in San Francisco. The last place I saw a family of California Quail was on Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands. 

California Quail by davidyuweb @ Flickr
The Green Connections project has the full map and more information available online. You will find a survey to give your comments on the draft network. The survey is up now through the end of February. 

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