Feb 19, 2013

Panhandle tree plantings begin

An article last week by Mike Billings in the San Francisco Examiner provided details about progress by the city in removing dying, hazardous trees from Golden Gate Park and planting young trees. The overall project, which includes the Panhandle, moves into a "second phase" later this month that will include removal of about 155 trees and pruning of another 44.  As I've traveled about Golden Gate Park, I've seen new removal notices on trees, some of which were in prominent places, such as by the front gate of the botanical garden. Some other trees to be removed are as close by the Panhandle as the Oak Woodlands. However, city staff have told me that no additional trees in the Panhandle are slated for removal (several were removed last year, mostly eucalyptus). 

Instead, the new year's tree plantings (about which I wrote in December) have already begun in the Panhandle. Below are two species planted west of Clayton Street. Send me a tip if you see a new tree planting, and include the nearest cross-street and any information about the number and type or types of trees. 

The top of a young Queensland Kauri, one of two that were planted close to a more mature specimen. Check near the base of these trees for the unusual crooked branches they sometimes drop.
Still working on identifying these young trees near Cole
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