Jul 17, 2014

Photos from our July Workday in the Panhandle

On Saturday, 20 volunteers turned out to be part of our monthly community workday in the Panhandle. A group of alumni of the Truman Scholars program helped to fill out our ranks. 

About half of our group got to work raking the lawn between Ashbury and Masonic. 

The other half of the group went to work planting a selection of new plants purchased with funds from our program sponsors. The new plants are still small, but as they grow they will fill in the edge areas of our rain garden.

Like the plants previously selected for the rain garden, the new plants are California native plants that typically grow in this region. Our new species included the following:
Berberis repens (Creeping Mahonia, aka Creeping Oregon Grape)
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens (Creeping Blueblossom)
Lupinus albifrons (Silver Lupine)
Artemisia pycnocephala 'David's Choice' (Coastal Sagewort)
Woodwardia fimbriata (Giant chain fern)
Satureja douglasii (Yerba buena)

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