Aug 18, 2014

August workday report

A huge thank you to volunteers, both regular and returning, for making the August Panhandle workday so successful. We accomplished a couple of challenging tasks, in addition to general care and tending to the rain garden. First, we dug up some yarrow, which, since our initial planting just a year and a half ago, has grown prolifically. The yarrow that had grown up too near the sprinkler heads had to be removed so that it would not block the spray from reaching the other nearby plants.

What can we do with some extra yarrow? 
Next, a group of volunteers was dispatched to Lyon Street to work on weeding and trimming. This particular bed, planted by students from the Day School, is full of some native plants that are gradually becoming well-established and should continue to mature and flourish. Until they grow a bit more, they still need some protection from the kikuyu grass that so quickly infiltrates the beds from the surrounding turf. 

The planting located behind the playground has grown this summer.
This planting outside the playground is taking off since our rainy planting day last September, especially the penstemon and currants.
This dedicated group worked near the playground until the very end.

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